Jag är en långdistanslöpare från Helsingfors. Mina huvudsträckor är 5000m och 10 000m och mitt mål är att vara med i de Olympiska spelen år 2016 i Rio de Janeiro. Där tänker jag springa fortare än någonsin förr. Vid sidan om löpning studerar jag på Hanken Svenska Handelshögskolan.

fredag 30 december 2011

Long runs

Sometimes long runs can be really tough.  The long runs are actually categorized under the easy training sessions, but sometimes they can be mentally really difficult. Today almost the whole practice was a struggle. My legs felt luckily good, but my head wasn’t with me at all and that felt even worse than sticky legs… The first 20km I had a lot of different things on my mind… What’s the point doing this? Is it really good for me to run this far, if I felt sick couple days ago and ran yesterday 30k including a hard practice? Should I just stop and run tomorrow instead?
Anyways... My body felt good and my heart rate was good as well, but mentally I just didn’t have the energy to run. It was weird…
If you hesitate under a long run the purpose of the training, it will feel twice slower and harder to do it. People often ask, where do I find the motivation to run over an hour? The answer is simple. You just run and don’t think. J If you don’t manage to control your thoughts, you should think a bit further in time, because the feeling after long runs are awesome. It is one of the best rewards you can get. You are physically tired but your mind is clear.  You have earned to take it easy and feel good about your self.  Who wouldn’t like that?

The last part of the practice went good. I got company from a 1500 m runner. So the last 5km went pretty fast. I was nice with company, because I was actually bored.
I get a sense of guilt saying that, but even me don’t like running every second. :P

I love running most of the time, but I think it is humane to don’t love it every second.  I am now happy, pleased with the practice and soon I am going jogging with my friend. Just for fun!

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