Jag är en långdistanslöpare från Helsingfors. Mina huvudsträckor är 5000m och 10 000m och mitt mål är att vara med i de Olympiska spelen år 2016 i Rio de Janeiro. Där tänker jag springa fortare än någonsin förr. Vid sidan om löpning studerar jag på Hanken Svenska Handelshögskolan.

fredag 9 september 2011


To night I ran my last track race for the season. I am really happy for my race. I didn't run a personal best, but I have been sick this week and it went better than I had expected.

First of all I want to congratulate Laura and Leena! They ran so well, nice times! Well done ladies! ;) Second of all I am very grateful for those, who have cheered me and been there for me this week and during this day. Thank you! You people motivate me so much!

The third thing I have in mind is Iltalehti's article... I am not angry. I think that is sad that they do an article like that. Why couldn't they write about the race, about Markovaara and Puotiniemi? Puotiniemi is one minute from London A-time in Marathon. She is going to Berlin in two weeks and there she tires to break the 2.37 time. That would have been something nice and sporty to write about, but no. It is more fun to take pictures from our butts and then criticize our National-team outfits. Very mature to write about it from that point a view. Life is all about choices. :)

Tomorrow I am  going to train, go to the stadium and cheer for Finland and then celebrate the end of track season 2011.

I am happy. Personal best in 1500, 3000,5000 and 10 000m. Next stop--> 21.1km race ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kirjotan nyt Suomeksi, koska ruotsi on sen verran pahasti hakusessa :D

    Oli kyllä joo mauton artikkeli. Surullista, että keltaisenlehdistön taso on nykypäivänä tällaista..

    Mutta joo, eipä noista kannata välittää. Keskittyy vaan siihen olennaiseen.

  2. Skit i vad tidningar skriver. Jag tyckte att ni alla presterade mycket bra och det var ett roligt lopp att följa. Keep up the good work!!