Jag är en långdistanslöpare från Helsingfors. Mina huvudsträckor är 5000m och 10 000m och mitt mål är att vara med i de Olympiska spelen år 2016 i Rio de Janeiro. Där tänker jag springa fortare än någonsin förr. Vid sidan om löpning studerar jag på Hanken Svenska Handelshögskolan.

lördag 21 januari 2012


To wake up at 04.45 on a Sunday morning feels pretty unnecessary. I could sleep as long as I want, but this is the result. Instead of getting angry I just ate breakfast and then I got back to bed. That was smart, because I got 3.5 more hours of sleep.
This is a nice opportunity to try a different diet before a hard practice in the morning. The reason why I do this, is that I have had some problems with the meals before morning- races, so it is very good to even practice eating.
Now the general feeling is pretty sticky, but I like to challenge my body. When it doesn't feel perfect, it is good to do a hard practice. Then your body gets used to co-oporate in all situations. This training session will be a preparation for competitions in all ways.

Hopefully this will pay off some day! :) Haha

P.S. Today the presidential election is held.  Fun and interesting!

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